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A melting pot of African, Islamic, European and indigenous Berber influences, Morocco's charm lies in its diversity.  For sun-worshippers there are miles of golden beaches, while inland lies Berber country, where among the snow-capped Atlas Mountains the energetic can walk or trek. Beyond the mountains are the fringes of the Sahara, where caravans once stopped on their way south to trade in spices and ivory.  In the cities are magnificent palaces, mosques, gardens and souks.  This is the magic of Morocco, whether climbing distant ridges, relaxing by the sea, haggling for exotic artifacts, gazing at ancient wonders or marveling at the pink and indigo desert dawn, you will be mesmerized.

For a glimpse of this beautiful country visit Fez, the spiritual heart of Arabic Morocco, the soul of the Kingdom.  The city is one of the oldest in the world and has been declared a World Heritage site, here you will find the most beautiful sculpted woodwork, engraved bronze, polychrome carving, moucharabies, columns and sculpted plasterwork.

MarrakeshThe jewel of the south, kings fought for it, a line of dynasties inherited it, craftsmen, architects, pointers and sculptors of all ages built magnificent palaces, mosques and Quranic schools there.  Set in an oasis close to the Atlas Mountains, where sun, snow and palm trees provide an unforgettable backdrop, the imperial city which, at the dawn of history gave Morocco its name,  is a city wrapped in faded red ochre walls and dominated by the Koutoubia Mosque.

MeknesThis centre of Berber culture and learning, occupies a plateau overlooking the Boufekrane River.  In the 17th century, Moulay Ismail, the Sultan, singled out Meknes and set out to make it the most fabulous of the imperial capitals.  Palaces, mosques, gardens, lakes, granaries and stables were built over a 50 year period and yet the dream city surrounded by a massive rampart wall was never finished.  Set in the walls are exquisite gates including the Bab Mansour, considered to be one of the most beautiful gates in North Africa.

Hassan II MosqueCasablanca
This is a city stunning for its architectural beauty and filled with bustle and energy.  It is deservedly famous for the Hassan 11 Mosque, one of the largest in the world.  A fascinating place where culture, history and architecture combine to create a unique style.


The capital, Rabat, is unlike any other city in this country, it reveals itself slowly with a sense of secrecy.  Its treasures include wonders of both ancient and modern, from the ruins of Chellah to the Mausoleum of the great King Mohammed V.

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Morocco's summer temperatures range from an average 23°C to 25°C. Winter lows can drop to 8°C. The highest rainfall is expected between October and April.

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