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LaosA forgotten land-locked country in South East Asia, a land of mountains, rivers and forests, this is home to colourful hill tribes who retain much of their ancient culture and lifestyle.  In former times it was known as the land of a million elephants and today, elephants can still be found living in the wild and working in the great forests.  The Mekong, the 12th longest river in the world, flows sluggishly through Laos, its brown waters lapping into banks of heavy mist.

LaosThe capital city sits on a bend in the Mekong River and despite its chequered past is a laid back city with a number of interesting wats and lively markets that can be easily explored on foot.

Luang Prabang
Designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1995, Luang Prabang is surrounded by forested mountains and the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers, old villas, temples and civic buildings nestle among palms and tropical foliage as through the city is one big garden.  This royal city had over
66 wats, 30 still survive today.  Pak Ou Caves, along the Mekong River are where thousands of gold lacquered Buddha statues are crammed into the caves that were carved out of a towering limestone rock.

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Laos enjoys a tropical climate with two distinct seasons, the rainy season from the beginning of May until the end of September and the dry season October to April. The highest temperatures are expectd during April and May. The highest rainfall is expected during July and August.

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