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A magnet for tourists over the centuries, Iran is 'One of the World's Greatest Destinations', warmly welcoming visitors with its unique hospitality.  Home to a great civilisation, Iran is filled with ruins that rival those of any country in scope and beauty.  Culture seekers will marvel at the remains of ancient civilisations, glorious mosques with colourful mosaics and the many museums and palaces.  Adventure seekers can take advantage of the varied climate and ski, handglide, go trekking, hunting, fishing or swimming.  You can ski in the mountains while others relax in the warm waters of the southern shores.  Shoppers will delight as they surround themselves with enthusiastic merchants at the many bustling bazaars.  Excellent buys are carpets, handicrafts and antiques. 

Mt Davamand

Tehran, the capital, is rich in palaces and museums which include Golestan Palace, Marble Palace, the Archaeological and Carpet Museums, the fabulous Crown Jewels Collection and the Shahyad Monument.  The bazaar is a must and the dinning opportunities varied.

IranShirazKnown as the 'Rose City', was the cradle of ancient Persia and the birthplace of a great civilisation. It was one of the most important cities in the medieval Islamic world and was the Iranian capital between 1747 - 1749. Shiraz is a relaxed city with wide tree lined avenues and it is home to many ancient sites and momuments of both Pre-Islamic and Islamic periods.

IranThe cool blue tiles of Isfahan's Islamic buildings and the city's majestic buildings bridges make this one of the country's architecural showpeices. Built for Shah Abbas in the
17th century, it is home to spectacular tiled mosques, palaces and covered bazaars.  Here shopping takes centre stage especially for handicrafts and naturally, the world famous carpets that bear the name of Isfahan.

The remains of the Persian ruler Darius the Greats' ceremonial capital and is among the world's most breathtaking ruins.  Partly buried in sand until the early part of this century, more than 15 major buildings of the 2500 year old seat of power survive, including a treasury, a harem and palaces of several rulers.

The best way to see the cultural highlights of Iran is by taking a tour.  We can arrange many different tour combinations depending on what it is you want to see and for how long.  One suggested tour could be:-
8 days / 7 nights

Day 1
Arrive in Shiraz

Day 2
Take a half day tour of Shiraz, include visit to Persepolis, Naghsh-e-Rostam, and the Saadi and Hafez tombs.  Fly to Tehran.

Day 3
Take a full day tour of Tehran, include the Archeological Museum and the Glass & Carpet Museum.

Day 4
Continue exploring Tehran visit the Saad Abad Museum complex, which includes the last Shah's White Palace and Tadjrish Bazaar for some shopping.  Later fly to Isfahan.

Day 5
Take a full day tour in Isfahan visiting Naghsh-e-Jahan Square, Sheykh Lotfollah and Iman Mosques, Aliqapou Palace and the bazaar for shopping.

Day 6
Continuing touring Isfahan, visit the Vank Cathedral, the Shaking Minarets, the Fire Temple and the historic bridges of Siosesh and Khadjou.

Day 7
Return to Shiraz by air before embarking on a full day tour which includes the Vakil Complex, (the Citadel, Bath, Museum and bazaar) and the Shah-e-Cheraq Mausoleum.

Day 8
At leisure

Prices on request

When to go

Summer between June and September is typically hot and dry, spring and autumn are mild with some rain and winter is cold and wet with the highest rainfall expected between December and April peaking in January.

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