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This small remarkable kingdom has one of the richest cultures in Asia and offers a range of unique attractions.  The beautiful, relatively undeveloped capital of Phnom Penh has been described as the loveliest of the former French colonial cities in Indochina.  Numerous pagodas and temples are dotted throughout the city with the Royal Palace dominating the centre. 

Siem Reap
Angkor WatFurther north across Lake Tonle Sap, a huge fresh water lake, is the little town of Siem Reap, this is the base for exploring Angkor Wat, the largest concentration of religious monuments in the world.  The complex is scattered over 50 sq miles and consists of walled cities, magnificent temples, sculptures, causeways and reservoirs.  Built between the 9th and 13th centuries by the mighty Khmer Empire, its jungle setting gives a mystical and spiritual grandeur that will leave you with an unforgettable image of this beautiful country.

Tonle SapThe north east of the country offers intrepid travellers the rewards of being able to explore unspoilt and untamed jungles, teaming with life.  There are also many splendid waterfalls to marvel at and the friendly and hospitable people of the many hill tribes in this region to meet.  Trekking either on foot or elephant back is popular amongst those visitors who wish to keep more closely in contact with nature.

River cruises run on the Mekong River and Tonle Sap offering a wonderful opportunity to see the scenery and everyday life on the waters shores.

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The temperature in Cambodia does not vary much over the year with average highs ranging from 30°C - 35°C and lows from 21°C - 24°C. The highest rainfall is expected between May and November peaking in Sept/Nov.

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GMT/UTC + 7 Cambodian Rial Khmer 8 hours 20 mins