Many people associate the word 'adventure' with daring, adrenalin pumping activities, we believe it can also mean trying an activity or sport you would not normally do.  Some of the more common sports are detailed below but there are many others, some require particular conditions others are available in many destinations.  Some require you to really participate others are more passive.  What ever it is that you have always wanted to try but never got around to or really enjoy but don't know where its available, let us help make it happen.  From ballooning to mountain biking, rock climbing to rafting, winter-sports to whale watching, we can tell you where.


Whether you are just embarking on the sport, or are already an experienced diver looking for further adventures, there is a diving holiday for you. Everything from learn to five packages taken as part of your holiday to exclusive live-aboard charters.
Diving destinations include: Cyprus, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, New Zealand, Philippines, Seychelles, South Africa, Thailand and Zanzibar.


There are many courses all over the world, they are all unique in their own way varying in terrain and difficulty. If you would just want a game or two as part of your holiday, when you have chosen your destination we will be able to advise you about te local courses. Alternatively if you want a golfing holiday we can put together a multi-centre holliday so you can play more then course.

White Water Rafting

Not all rafting trips are created equal. Rivers can be relativelycalm or be raging and it is important to be aware of the different rafting classifications for rapids. Rapids are rated on a scale of 1 o 6, with 1 being the easiest and 6 the most difficult. Any rating system is only a rough approximation of what you may actually encounter as rapids are greatly affected by river flows and other factors.
WhitewaterIn general, rafting trips can be divided into shirt-duration trips of 1 or 2 days ( a day trip is typically rafting for 3 to 5 hours). An overnight trip includes one or more nights camping or lodging and one or two days rafting. Most whitewater day trips provided by professional river-rafting companies feature Class 3 and 4 rapids.
Long duration or multi-day expedition trips are typically 3 -14 days in length. Some rafting expeditions feature big whitewater whereas other may consist of slow moving Class 1 - 2 water and the main highllight is the scenery. Others provide a mix of floating and whitewater.
Whitewater rafting destinations include: Australia, Ethiopia, France, India, Morocco, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey and USA.

Winter Sports

skiingInitially skiing was not a holiday sport but a means of transporation in winter in Northern Europe and parts of Asia. Modern skiing developed in the 1850's and bter in Northern Europe and parts of Asia. Modern skiing developed in the 1850's and b the early 1900's had grown intoa popular competitive sport Europe with first downhill classic in 1911 in Switzerland. Now there are resorts all over the world offering different types of terrain, levels of difficulty and aprés ski. There are resorts for everyone from the complete beginner to the advanced professional. Many resortshave snowmaking machines helping to extend the often limited skiing period. Today downhill skiing and the more modern sport of snowboarding are twon of the most popular winter sports.
The ski season varies depending on snow conditions but generally is from December to April in the northern hemisphere and June to September in the southern hemisphere. Equipment hire is usually available in the resorts. Lift passes vary in cost considerably from country to country and resort to resort.
Ski destinations include: Australia, Austria, Canada, France, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Nepal, New Zealand, South Africa, Switzerland and USA,