10 good reasons why you should book and pay through
Bahrain International Travel Agency

  1. Q. Why should I use Bahrain International Travel Agency [BITA] in the first place?
    A. Because we will give you impartial, reliable information for your journey. An individual airline is only interested in selling you their own product whereas we will advise you on the best airline and best price for the journey you want. And if it’s more than just an airline ticket you want we can suggest and offer advice and recommendations on a complete range of travel and travel related services & products, ranging from hotels & car hire, through to visa, health requirements and insurance. Hey, we may even be able to suggest an appropriate ‘APP’ to download onto your Mobile or IPad if you want detailed information about the place you will be visiting and such things as restaurants.
  2. Q. Is it not more expensive to book & pay through you?
    A. Not generally. We have access to a wide range of promotional fares on different airlines. Often we will be able to offer you a better price than the airline because of our significant purchasing power. We book hundreds of passengers and buy hundreds tickets daily on many different airlines.
  3. Q. But booking & paying on-line through an Airline web-site must be cheaper…surely?
    A. Again not necessarily. Occasionally airlines do have special promotional offers which are only available if you book & pay on-line, but these offers are usually very restrictive. And most importantly are you aware of all the rules & regulations of these offers? Generally they are not alterable and are non-refundable. Remember, we can give you a wealth of information about all fare types available. You can ask us a specific question and you will get a specific answer………machines can only give an answer that they have stored in their database; they can’t actually ‘talk’ to you about the matter. We value your business & the trust you place in us to give you the best option, price and information.
  4. Q. Are there any more issues I should think about if I am considering booking & paying on-line though an airline

    A. Yes. Remember that you will be required to pay for the booking immediately by using a Credit/Debit Card. By booking & paying through us we can generally offer you a period of time between making the booking and actually purchasing the ticket. This gives you the option to make doubly sure that what you have reserved is actually correct for you and also maybe to get any visa and/or hotels organized and confirmed before you have to buy your air tickets. There is little more annoying than having paid for your air ticket and not being able to get your visa/hotel confirmed; there are nearly always refund fees applicable once an air ticket has been purchased. We try to minimize these potential problems for you. Occasionally on the cheapest, most restrictive tickets and when purchasing tickets on Budget or Low Cost airlines, giving you time between booking and purchasing may not be possible. You really should also consider the implications we mention in Questions 5 & 6 below.
  5. Q. I want to pay by Credit/Debit Card, are there are problems with this?
    A. Not usually. But some airlines do not accept certain Credit/Debit Cards and some types of airfares cannot be purchased using Cards. Also and this is important if you are considering booking & paying on-line via an airlines Web-Site, the person whose Card is being used may very well have to be travelling with the booked party and be required to present that Card at Check-In. This is a real problem if one person in the family wants to buy a ticket for another family member or even a business colleague to travel without them.  It’s all to do with possible fraud prevention. Again, if you book and pay through us you will not have this problem. We accept all major types of Card and because we guarantee payment to airlines, airlines are delighted that if you do wish to use a Card to purchase your air ticket you use us because for them,  their money is secure!
  6. Q. You have your own web-site, is it safe to book my flights through this?
    A. Absolutely. And here is the main reason why.......booking on-line is safe, BUT paying on-line is an entirely different matter. Despite what anyone would want you to believe, paying on-line can never be 100% safe. In the Cyber Crime world of to-day, you have no way of knowing if the information you are putting onto a web-site is being hacked and logged by a criminal. Some of the world’s leading companies, not to mention government agencies have had their web sites hijacked! We are very fortunate in Bahrain because we are a small island and nowhere is very far from where we are. So we decided to set up our system to allow you to book on our site if you wish and then come in to our offices to pay……..that way, your financial information is totally secure.
  7. Q. I know exactly which airline I want to travel with so what benefit is there in me choosing to book & pay through you?
    A. Our answer would be that in to-days complicated world of airfare pricing, are you 100% sure that you are getting the best deal? What would you lose by talking to us…….nothing, but you have potentially everything to gain!
  8. Q. If I have a problem or complaint with or about an airline can you help?
    A. Certainly. If you have purchased your air ticket through us then you are our valued customer and as we act in the legal capacity of ‘Agent’ for the airline whose ticket you have purchased and travelled on, we will assist in whatever way possible. Often our impartial advice and knowledge relevant to the situation of concern can bring about a satisfactory conclusion for all parties involved.
  9. Q. What about hotel and car hire bookings? Can you help with these?
    A. Yes. We have sophisticated software which scans all the hotel and airline consolidator web sites with the aim of giving our customers the best possible prices and Service Providers. Often, if it is a complete package of air and ground content that is being purchased, significant reductions can be made by combining all the elements together.
  10. Q. A lot of what has been said above relates to airlines, what else would convince me to use your services?
    A. It is true a great many reasons to use a travel agent revolve around the booking and purchase of airline tickets but a professional travel agent like ourselves has much, much more to offer our customers. We act as your Consultants relating to every aspect surrounding travel. We can arrange your dream vacation, honeymoon or even wedding package. We give important advice and recommendations on visa, health and travel insurance matters. We can provide a comprehensive Visitor Service for important guests arriving in Bahrain. Educational and sporting groups have entrusted us with planning their travel; many local and international companies & government agencies use our services for their corporate travel requirements. We would like to invite you to take a look at our web site or to call us for further information on just how we can help you.