EmailDo I have to come into the office for information?
No, we are happy to send you information and discuss details about your chosen destination via email.

ReservationWhat happens when I want to make a booking?
We will make reservations for you based on instructions by email, telephone, or in person but will require a BD20 deposit per person (unless operators terms apply) and a signed booking form once the reservations have been confirmed.

When do I have to pay for my holiday?
The balance of your holiday has to be paid for at least 14 days before departure (unless operators terms apply).

Is the price guaranteed?
MoneyPrices can not be guaranteed until payment has been made in full.  All our prices are correct when published and we do our best to update our material promptly when changes occur.  However, in a constantly changing market there are occasions when the price you are offered at the time of booking differs from our publicity material.

What happens if I have to cancel?
Generally any cancellation incurs a cancellation fee, you will be advised of any cancellations fees applicable to your trip at the time of booking.

When is a child not a child?
ChildrenAll airlines class children under 2 years as infants, under 12 years as a child and 12 years and over as adults, however, hotel policy varies considerably so your Leisure consultant will ask you for your children's ages and advise you accordingly.

What documents do I need to travel?
Passport:  A full current passport is required and we recommend that your passport is valid for at least 6 Documentsmonths after your return date as many countries now require this before they will grant you entry.
Visas:  It is the passengers responsibility to ensure they have all the necessary visas although we will offer advise.  It should be noted that it is not only your destination country that may require you to have a valid visas, often countries you are only transiting through also require them.  Passengers should also be aware that some visas can take time to obtain and should be applied for well in advance.  We suggest at least a month before departure.

Are vaccinations really necessary?
DoctorCompulsory vaccination requirements are stipulated by various authorities as and when circumstances necessitate, so health requirements should always be checked even if you have been to a destination before.  Many vaccinations are 'recommended' but not compulsory, however, we suggest you clarify the situation with your doctor before travelling.  Some vaccinations have to be given well in advance of travel so health requirements should be asked about at the time of booking.

Why should I take holiday insurance cover?
StretcherWe recommend that all clients take out adequate insurance protection against unforeseen circumstances.  These could include things like; being injured or taken ill, personal items being lost, stolen or damaged, you having to cancel your holiday or a claim being made against you personally.  Although insurance cover will not stop something unexpected happening, it can make coping with the situation easier.