Booking Conditions

General Information / Booking Terms & Conditions

Deposits & Final Payments:  A non-refundable deposit of BD 20 per person (except where the conditions of other Operators apply) is required at the time of booking. The balance of your product cost (unless other Operators’ conditions apply) is due for payment no later than 14 days before departure. This deadline is most important and we reserve the right to cancel bookings if the balance is not paid by then. If, however, after the deposit has been received the product originally requested is subsequently unable to be confirmed, a full and prompt refund of all monies paid will be made.

Late Bookings:  If the booking has been made inside of 14 days of departure, we will ask you to pay only the initial required deposit. However, upon confirmation of the product requested, you will be required to pay the full cost within 48 hours of our confirmation advice. Failure to do so may result in the automatic cancellation of your booking. Please be aware that different Holiday Operators have their own conditions, and where a product has been booked through us as Agents, their Terms and Conditions will apply.

Alterations to Holidays:  If you significantly alter your holiday arrangements after confirmation of the original product has been advised, we reserve the right to levy an alteration fee of BD 5 per person per alteration advice. Alterations to products booked through us as Agents for another  Operator are subject to the conditions of that Operator. You are advised to check with us before taking any action.

Cancellation:  Dependant upon when you cancel any product booked through us, cancellation fees will be imposed.  In some cases this may only be the deposit paid, in others it may result in the loss of all monies paid.  You are strongly advised to check with us, at the time of making your booking, the financial liability you will incur in the event of you cancelling any booking.  Once a cancellation has been made a booking cannot be reinstated.  In all cases where a product has been purchased through us acting as Agent for another Operator, the cancellation clauses of that Operator will apply.  We strongly recommend that you insure against involuntary cancellations and curtailments (through illness or other causes).

Holiday Insurance:  We also strongly recommend that all clients take out adequate insurance protection against medical and other unforeseen expenses. B.I.T Leisure offers a choice of insurance schemes. Details are available upon request.

Passports and Visas:  It is the personal responsibility of all passengers to carry a valid passport and the appropriate visas for entry into the countries to be visited. Some countries insist on a passport validity of 6 months beyond the period of intended stay. It is recommended that you contact our office for advice on this subject, if required.

Health:  Vaccination requirements are stipulated by various authorities as and when circumstances necessitate. We therefore suggest that you check on the latest situation before departure.  It is the personal responsibility of all passengers to have proof of being currently protected against any disease as required by the country to be visited.

Prices:  All prices are correct at the time of offer. However, we reserve the right to amend these if necessary. Only once full payment for any product purchased is received is the price guaranteed.   All prices quoted are cash prices. Clients wishing to pay by credit or charge cards may be liable for surcharges. Clients paying by personal cheque should be aware that we require 4 working days for cheque clearance before travel documents can be released.

Complaints:  If you have any complaint about any aspect of a product, it should be reported immediately to our local representative who will do whatever he/she can during your stay.  If the problem is not resolved to your satisfaction, any further complaint should be made by you in writing to to us not later than 28 days following completion of your travel, failing which no claim may be brought against Bahrain International Travel Group.

Special Note

We advise all Clients that these are the Conditions of Booking of  our company.  When the product  is purchased through us as Agent for an Operator,  then the Terms and Conditions of the Company whose product it is, will be those which must be observed.  Often these are more restrictive than our own.

Responsibilty and Conditions of Carriage

(A) General

The company does not accept, and hereby excludes all liability for acts of ommission or commission, whether through negligence or otherwise, of airlines, coach operators, hoteliers or any person providing goods and services in connection with any booking, unless such person is either employed by it and acting within the scope of his/her employment, or is an Agent under its control.
The Company accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused by events beyond its control.

(B) Third Party Conditions

The Company is not itself a provider of accommodation, ground services or tours, nor does it control the Third Parties who provide such services in connection with the Client's travel arrangements.
All bookings are accepted and all arrangements made by the Company subject to (a) any and all conditions imposed from time to time by airlines, sea, rail and road carriers, car rental companies, providers of accommodation, catering and other services or facilities with a booking, and such conditions will apply to the Client as if they were incorporated into these Conditions, and (b) any law, direction or order imposed from time to time by any competent authority.
Some of the Third Party Conditions referred to above seek to exclude or limit liability of the Third Party concerned for instance, the liability of airlines for personal injury (including death) or loss or damage to property and baggage is usually limited to conditions contained within the airline ticket and Conditions or Carriage (and/or by operation of law).

(C) Carriage By Air

The Terms, Conditions and Provisions in (or referred to in) the airline ticket provided shall in respect of carriage of a Client by this means and if there is any conflict between these Conditions and those, such Terms, Conditions and Provisions of the airline ticket shall prevail.