Discover 5000 years of Arabian hospitality, let us take you on a tour around the
original Garden of Eden

A typical half day tour will last approximately 4 hours and would include 4 or 5 of the attractions detailed below.
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Bahrain Attractions

Al Fateh MosqueAl Fateh Mosque
Also known as the Grand Mosque, this is Bahrain's largest place of worship, it offers the non-Muslin a rare opportunity to enter a mosque.  It is topped by an impressive 60 ton fibre-glass dome and can accommodate up to 7000 worshippers at a time, it also houses the Religious Institute for Islamic Affairs.

Bahrain National Museum
MuseumIf you do nothing else during your visit to Bahrain you should take time to visit the National Museum. Dedicated to the island's history and culture, the different periods of Bahrain's history are examined from Dilmun (circa 3000BC) and Tylos (circa 300AD) to the Islamic period (from 7th century AD) to the present day.  With reconstructions, ceramics,sculptures, Arabic calligraphy and Quárans, the museum tells the story of Bahrain's history, culture and traditions in an interesting and exciting way.

Qalát Al Bahrain
Bahrain FortHistorically, this is one of the most important sites in Bahrain.  Also known as the Portuguese Fort or Bahrain Fort, it was built in the 14th century, but excavations in the area reveal it to be the site of settlements dating back to the Dilmun period around 2800 BC.

Beit Al Qurán
This museum houses an internationally celebrated collection of historic Holy Quráns and historic Quránic manuscripts from various parts of the Islamic world, including China and Spain.  They represent a progression of calligraphic traditions from the 1st century of the Islamic era (7th century) to the present day.  Artists have used beautiful calligraphy to write verses on wooden tablets, paper, parchment and even two grains of rice and split peas!

Al Jasra House
Jasra HouseBuilt in 1907 and where the present King's father was born, the house is a good example of traditional Bahraini architecture.  Constructed from local building materials, mainly coral stone, gypsum, lime and clay.  Date palm trunks were used for strengthening both the outside and inside walls.  The rooms are furnished as they would have been in the 1930's when the late Amir was born.

Al Areen Wildlife & Reserve
Al AreenThe sanctuary was built on an 8 sq km area in the south of Bahrain as a unique experiment in conservation in the 1970's.  Although the major emphasis at Al Areen is to preserve the animal species from the Arabian Peninsula such as the Arabian Oryx, Gazelle and Houbarra Bustard it has also undertaken to keep Asian and African animals.  The sanctuary now houses over 40 species of mammal and over 70 species of resident birds.

Al Khamis MosqueAl Khamis Mosque
The original parts of the mosque are thought to date back to 700 AD and its considered to be one of the oldest relics of Islam in the region.  Additions and renovations have happened on several occasions most notably in the 10th, 14th and 15th centuries.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life
Located about 2 km from Jebel Dukhan (Bahrain's highest point) the flourishing Tree of Life provides the only shade in an otherwise arid desert area.  It is a large, green mesquite tree that has been there for hundreds of years but whose source of water and nutrients is still unexplained.

Shaikh Isa HseShaikh Isa bin Ali's House
Once the home of King Hamed's great, great grandfather, this 19th century house is a good example of local architecture.  It is complete with a wind tower (an early form of air conditioning), wall carvings and lattice world and has been sympathetically restored.

Al Fateh Fort

Salman bin Ahmed Al Fateh Fort
Standing on a low escarpment, overlooking the valley between east and west Riffa, the fort held a strategic position during the 18th century.  It was used as a private residence for a while but has now been restored as a fort.

Arad Fort
Arad FortSituated on the island of Muharraq, this Arab-style fort was built in the 15th century to guard the southern harbour of the island.  It was subsequently captured and used by invading Portuguese and Omani forces.  Today it has been restored using traditional materials.

King Fahad Causeway
Opened in 1986, the 25 km causeway is one of the most expensive bridges ever built.  It links Bahrain to Saudi Arabia, crossing Umm Nasan Island, an area rich in wildlife.  At the halfway point is a tower with two restaurants both designed so patrons can enjoy the views.

Local Traditions

ShishaShisha Cafés - Shisha is a traditional way of smoking a waterpipe sometimes known as the hubble-bubble pipe.  Shisha pipes and bottles come in a wide range of vivid colours and with a variety of fruit flavoured tobaccos available results are some wonderful aromas.  Shisha cafés are very social places with patrons chatting, playing cards or dominoes and generally passing the time of day. 

Traditional Pharmacy - offering natural and traditional treatments for some common and not so common Potterycomplaints. Here you can find remedies for everything from lack of sleep to leprosy!

A'ali Pottery - local pottery is produced using skills and methods passed down through many generations.  A variety of traditional items are made including money boxes, incense burners and decorative pots.  The pieces are shaped and left to dry in the sun before being fired in ancient kilns.

BarbarSaar Settlement - with dwellings dating back to the Dilmun period 4000 years ago, this site has houses with narrow streets leading to them and rooms whose usage can be clearly defined.  Burial grounds have been found adjoining the homes and a temple has also been discovered.  Another site dating back to a similar period is Barber Temple built as a place of worship for Enki, the God of Spring Waters.

SoukManama Souk - this is actually 3 souks that merge indistinguishably into one another forming a labyrinth of lanes and alleyways selling everything from spices and herbs to coloured cloth, gold and jewellery.

Muharraq Souk
- a very traditional old souk where the aromas of fresh spices, incense and shisha fill the air and traders peddle their wares as though time has stood still.

Fish Market - this requires an early start to see the full range of colourful local fish straight from the dhows (traditional fishing boats).

Modern Malls - there are a number of modern shopping malls housing everything from designer labels to chain stores.  Each is individual in design and atmosphere.

Royal Golf Club
Golf ClubThe Royal Golf Club at Riffa Views boats 2 exceptional golf courses both designed by Colin Montgomerie; an 18-hole Championship-standard course and a 9-hole Academy course featuring a mixture of long and short par 3 holes.  The 7243 yard, par 72 Montgomerie Course offers a truly unique blend of links and desert golf, taking advantage of Bahrain's natural rough desert terrain and combining it with vast manmade lakes, the rolling lGolf Clubinks-style fairways and undulating green are immaculately maintained and offer a challenging and unforgettable experience.  The Academy course is a scaled down version of its big brother.  Holes range in length from 60 to 140 yards and will test golfers of all abilities while offering fun and entertaining playing experiences.
Bahrain International Circuit
ADAAdventure Drive Arabia (ADA) is a unique, state-of-the-art, off-road 4 x 4 attraction; the Arabian Gulf's first purpose built, dedicated off-road four-wheel driving centre.  Located at Bahrain International Circuit home to Bahrain International Grand Prix part of the FIA Formula One World Championship, Adventure Drive Arabia boasts a dramatic off-road 4 x 4 course built into the desert landscape and comprises some 30 demanding obstacles including the aptly named Rocky Road, Camel Humps, Reef Climb, Mean Lean, Boomerang Climb, Drastic Drop and ADADon't look down!  The course designed to test the World's leading 4 x 4 vehicles and driver skill is a venue for adrenalin filled action and fun.  If you feel driving might be too demanding but want to experience the fun you can be driven around the course by one of the circuits specially trained drivers. 
Also available at the circuit: Quad Biking, the ultimate way to discover the thrills of an all-terrain vehicle and Caterham Xtreme and Chevrolet SkidXtreme experiences where you can really test your driving skills.